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You can report many things online using one of our forms, please select relevant link below.


Change of address for council tenants and people who own their own home 

Change of address for private landlord (non council) tenants

Change in circumstances

Find out more information on benefits on our benefits pages


Feedback and complaints

Councillors & Meetings

Standards Committee - Code of Conduct complaint

Find more information about councillors on our Councillors and meetings pages

Council tax

Information for landlords
Notify us if you are purchasing a property to let or there has been a change in tenancy of a property that you let

Tell us something has changed or about a move
Let us know if there are change in your circumstances or you're moving into the area or moving out?

Tell us once
Notify us of a death
Find out more about Council Tax on our Council tax pages

Consumer advice or make a complaint about goods or services

Make a complaint about goods or services

Find out more on our Consumer advice page



Problems with a right of way
Please note, this form is only for reporting issues with a public rights of way, such as a public footpath or bridleway. Please report a problem with a pavement or road here.

Report a problem with hedges or verges

Report an issue with a hedge or verge alongside a road

Report grass cutting request

Report a flood

Wild Camping or caravans

Report motorised vehicles on a public right of way

Find out more on our environment pages

People & Community

Anti-social behaviour

Report an owner for not picking up after their dog

Flyposting and graffiti on public property

Find out more within our People and Community pages

Food safety

Issue with a food premises

Food complaint

Food poisoning

Find out more on our food safety pages


Anti social behaviour (Cornwall Housing tenants)

Cornwall Housing comments and complaints

Cornwall Housing housing repair

Private Sector Housing DefectFind out more on our housing pages

Planning enforcement

Breach of planning control

Find out more about planning on our planning pages

Roads and parking

Abandoned vehicle


Road, or pavement

Hedges and verges (overgrown hedges, verges or trees)

Highway electrical fault


  • a street light
  • illuminated street signs and bollards
  • non emergency issues with permanent traffic lights
  • controlled pedestrian crossings

Illegally parked vehicle

Minor flooding and blocked drains

Mud, debris or spillage on a road


Road markings, signs and bollards
Damaged or missing road sign, road marking or bollard

Road surfaces

Issues with roads, including large areas of uneven surface, depressions, trench failure, edge deterioration, crazing or crumbling road surface.


Street works problemFind out more about roads and highways on our roads, highways and pavements pages

Find out more about parking on our parking pages.

Rubbish, recycling and waste

Dead animal for removal

Fly Tipping and illegal dumping

Flyposting and graffiti on public property

Full litter or dog bin

Missed collections

Street and beach cleaning 

Including litter, needles/syringes, broken glass, dog poo, bloody and bodily waste, leaves and plant debris

Find out more from our rubbish and recycling pages

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