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We webcast and record all of our most popular council meetings.

Meetings of Cornwall Council, Cabinet and Committees are taking place at:

  • County Hall, Truro
  • Chy Trevail Council offices, Bodmin
  • Dolcoath Council offices, Camborne

Please check the agenda front page for meeting venue details.

  • We will give access to members of the public at meeting venues
  • We will provide remote access using MS Teams if members of the public wish to attend meetings remotely

We recognise that remote meeting access using MS Teams will help support you in other aspects of your life such as:

  • work
  • care commitments
  • you will not have to travel to meetings
  • choosing a greener option

If you are watching, rather than actively participating (for example, asking questions or speaking at planning), you may either view meetings remotely or attend at the meeting venue.

If you would like to attend to observe a meeting, arrangements will be made for you to watch. This may, on occasions, be from another room.

If one of the Council's livestreams fail during the meeting and we cannot share the proceedings, the Chairman will adjourn the meeting so that access can be restored. If the issue cannot be resolved the meeting will either be adjourned and remaining business will be concluded at a future date, or at the Chairman's discretion in exceptional circumstances, such as the urgency of the business on the agenda, number of public participants and availability of technical officers, they will decide that the meeting will continue. In this eventuality we can confirm that this would accord with the legal provisions for meetings which require voting Members to be present in the room at the time the vote is taken.

Next webcasts

Upcoming webcasts

Watch a live meeting using Microsoft Teams

Please note these guidelines are for live meetings. You do not need to follow them to watch an archived meeting.

Using a desktop or laptop computer

  • Use the link to the live meeting which will be available on this page on the day of the meeting
  • A web page will open asking you to choose how you join the meeting
  • Choose watch on the web instead
  • Choose Join anonymously
  • Enter your name - Your name is not shown or recorded anywhere

Using a mobile phone or a tablet

  • You will need the Microsoft Teams application on your phone or tablet. You will be asked to download this if you do not already have it
  • Use the link to the live meeting which will be on this page on the day of the meeting
  • Download and install the teams application if you are asked to
  • Choose Join as a guest
  • Enter your name - Your name is not shown or recorded anywhere

Have your say

We welcome your comments on any of our webcasts. Please note however, that attendees at the meeting may not be able to read your comments until after the meeting has finished.


Twitter users may also tweet us at #CCwebcast.

Please note:  Cornwall Council is not responsible for any tweets posted on Cornwall Council has no control to moderate, remove or otherwise, any content on Twitter. All opinions (tweets) or images posted on are public information as they have been posted on a public forum. Cornwall Council is not affiliated with or any third party investors or contributors of that site.

Broadcast code

Cornwall Council has adopted a Broadcast Code. This allows the filming of all public meetings, and also covers:

  • Tweeting
  • blogging
  • recording

All are subject to a number of principles etc.

Watch a recording of a webcast

If you have missed any of our webcasts or would like to watch a meeting again, you can view it from our archive.  Archived webcasts are available to watch online for up to six months after the live date.

View archived webcasts

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