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Public speaking at planning committees

Speaking at a Planning Committee meeting allows:

  • members of the public and
  • applicants

to comment directly on planning applications to the Councillors who make the decisions. 

You can view details of future committee meetings.

Who can speak

The following people can speak on a planning application:

  • an objector
  • a representative of the local Council and
  • an applicant or supporter 

A professional person can also be appointed to speak on their behalf.

All speakers, including Town and Parish Councils must register to speak before the meeting.

The Council allows one objector and applicant/supporter to speak on minor applications and two on major applications.

When more than one (or two for major applications) objector, or applicant/supporter wishes to speak they must agree who will speak.  If they don't agree the first person to register will be invited to speak.

How to register to speak

To speak at a planning committee meeting all speakers must register before the meeting.  Speakers can register online or telephone Democratic Services. 

Register to speak at a Planning Committee meeting

The deadline is no later than 12 noon two working days before the Planning Committee meeting.

Speakers can register once the agenda is published.  

How long you can speak for and what you can say

Speakers can speak for the following amount of time:

  • Objectors (three minutes each)
  • Parish/Town Council representative (three minutes)
  • Adjoining Parish/Town Council (three minutes)
  • Applicant/supporter (three minutes each)

Speakers should make sure their comments refer to material planning considerations for example:

  • planning grounds
  • the impact on the appearance of a neighbourhood or
  • the impact on a conservation area

Time limits for speaking are strictly enforced

Asking questions and providing additional information

There will not be an opportunity to ask any questions at the meeting. 

No third party documentation can be displayed or distributed at Planning Committee meetings.

Questions about public speaking

If you have any questions please contact a Democratic Services Officer.   Their contact details, including a telephone number is on the web page for each meeting and printed on each agenda

You can also email or telephone 0300 1234 151.

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