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Report an Unauthorised Encampment

What is an unauthorised encampment?

An unauthorised encampment is where people are residing on land without the landowner's permission.

This can be private or local authority land.

Report an unauthorised encampment

Please follow the appropriate button below to report any concerns about unauthorised camping.

Before reporting, please consider if the encampment could be related to homelessness.

Please be sure to provide as much information as possible to assist us in helping you.

On public or local authority land

Follow the button below to report an encampment on public land, such as parks, green spaces, roads or local authority land.

Report unauthorised camping in a public space or on local authority land

On private land

If you are reporting an encampment and are certain it is on private land, please follow the button below to report it.

Report a breach of planning control

Could it be homelessness?

Please be aware that some cases of possible wild camping may be related to homelessness.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough and would like to report it, please follow the button below

Find information about homelessness or rough sleeping

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