Tell us something has changed

You can use our online change of address form to let us know if you are:

  • Moving from one Cornwall address to another
  • Moving into Cornwall
  • Moving out of Cornwall
  • Moving into a new home, you do not currently pay Council tax and want to register (for example - you’ve moved out of your parents’ house into a property of your own)

Report a change of address

I am a landlord or letting agent and want to tell you about a change of tenancy at a property

Change in tenant form

I want to report a change in who is responsible for Council tax at a property

For example:

  • I have purchased or rented a property but haven’t moved in yet.
  • I have sold a property that I don’t live in
  • I have inherited a property
  • Someone else named on the bill has moved out

Change of address form

I want to tell you that someone living at a property has died

Someone has died

I am not moving, but someone else named on my Council tax bill is moving out and I think I might be entitled to a discount

Get money off your Council tax bill

If none of these options apply and you currently receive a discount on your bill and the reasons for this have changed please see our tell us a discount or exemption should end page.

I want to tell you that I have changed my name

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