Someone has died

We need to know about a death so we can update the council tax account.

We will deal with the information sensitively.

We will help with council tax arrangements:

  • If you are the only adult in the household, we will give you a single person discount.
  • If the person was an owner-occupier who lived alone, you can apply for an exemption for the property from council tax until it's occupied again, or until probate is granted. However, charges may become payable after six months.
  • If there is any refund due we will pay to the executors of the estate.
  • If there is any money outstanding we will send a bill to the executors of the estate, who can contact us to discuss a suitable payment plan.
  • If the household is claiming Housing Benefit and/or Council tax Support we will adjust the claim as necessary.

If you need further help or advice, why not contact our Tell Us Once service.

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