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Money off council tax for single adult

Due to essential maintenance Council tax and benefit forms may have a short interruption between 6-8pm on Tuesday 21 May. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you live on your own, or if all the people in your household are under 18, you get 25% off your council tax bill.

Choose one of the following options to apply for the discount: 

I've received my council tax bill, but its not showing my single person discount

Apply for a single person's discount

I am not moving, but someone else named on my council tax bill has moved out and I think I might be entitled to a single person discount

Tell us someone else named on the bill has moved out

This applies to your main home only.

Main home

If you only have one address, this address is your main home for council tax.

If you spend time at more than one address, we have to decide which address is your main home.

To work out if you're entitled to a discount, we need to look into your circumstances at each address, including where you and your family live most of the time.

You cannot usually get a single person discount on more than one home.

If your circumstances change

If you are no longer the only person aged 18 or over living at the property, you must cancel your single person discount. If you don't tell us, you could get a fine and we may ask you to pay back the discount.

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