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Help with your online self-service account

Find out how to:

  • get started
  • make changes to your account
  • view your bills online
  • what to do if you can't log in

Help with your online council tax account

Tell us you have moved

You can use the form below to tell us if you’re new to Cornwall, if you are paying Council Tax for the first time, if you are moving or if you are leaving home.

Please note if you do not know your reference number you can still inform us of a change of address. Please click on the link above.  Then click on the 'I am moving into the Cornwall Council area and would like to register for Council Tax at my new address' option.

You could also register for self service to manage your Council tax account online. This would enable you to track your change and view details of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tell us about a change of address

Money off your council tax bill

In some cases you may be entitled to money off your council tax bill, or you may not have to pay council tax at all (called an exemption).

This can include:

  • Students
  • Single Adults
  • Empty homes
  • Youth Training trainees
  • Apprentices
  • Carers
  • Disability or severe mental disability
  • Patients permanently resident in a home Carers
  • Persons in detention
  • Visiting Forces
  • Diplomats
  • Religious communities.

See if you qualify for money off your council tax bill

Set up or amend a direct debit

You can setup a direct debit or amend a current one

Set up or amend a direct debit

Council tax banding

You can find out more about Council tax bands by viewing our Council Tax band information pages.

Find out about council tax banding

Support when your on low income

If you're on a low income you may be entitled to support to help you pay your Council Tax.

Housing benefit helps people on low incomes pay their rent, it’s not available for mortgage repayments. Council tax support helps people on low incomes pay their council tax.

There are different rules for claiming housing benefit and council tax support.

You may be able to claim one or both. 

Find out more about claiming housing benefit

Find out more about claiming council tax support

Struggling to pay your bill

If you’re struggling to pay your council tax bill, please get in touch to see if we can help you. 

Contact the recovery team

or you can contact the Revenues section on 0300 1234 171.

We can help agree a more manageable payment arrangement. Please do this as soon as possible to discuss your personal circumstances, do not wait for a reminder notice or court summons.

The longer you leave contacting us the bigger your arrears will become, and the harder it will be to make a suitable payment arrangement to clear the debt.

We realise that our customers may have difficulty in paying their bills and require support from us or an advice agency. If you are having trouble managing your money or are struggling with debt, you should get help as soon as possible.

What do to if you are unable to pay your council tax bill

You can get free, confidential and impartial advice by visiting Citizens Advice Bureau. They have money advisers who are available to discuss debt issues.

We have a support page with lots of links to places that can offer help.

Helping hand - worried about money 

Council tax bill 

Our Council Tax Self Service system is a great way to keep on top of your council tax account.

You can use Council Tax Self Service to:

  • Set up a Direct Debit or make a payment
  • Tell us about a change of address
  • Get notifications of new bills by email (e-billing)
  • See when your payments are due
  • Check your Council Tax account
  • See how your charges are worked out
  • Check if you can get any money off your bill

If you are already registered you can print off a statement by;

  • Login to the dashboard and select “My Services”
  • Select Council Tax and then “Show Details”
  • Select “Correspondence”
  • Use the dropdown menu towards the bottom left hand corner to select “All issued”
  • Click view to see the details of each web bill.

You should now be able to see your bill as a PDF document, and be able to print it in the usual way.

View and print your council tax statement/bill

Setting up an online account, but don’t have a council tax reference number

You can create an online account before you receive your bill.  However, you will need to wait until you have your paper bill before you can link your self service account to your council tax details.   This is because you need a council tax reference to view your account details.

You can still report that you’ve moved into the area, make a payment, or apply to pay by direct debit using your online account in the meantime.

Help with registering for a council tax account

Send us additional information or evidence

If you need to provide additional information or evidence about your Council Tax account, please complete the form below.

How to send us your documents

Tenant has moved in or out of your property

If you are a landlord or a letting agent and a tenant has moved in or out, or something has changed, please let us know using our landlords and agents form below.

Tell us a tenant has moved in or out of your property

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