Ask for a Council Tax refund

If you have overpaid your Council Tax or if your circumstances have changed meaning your council tax account is now in credit, please contact us to request a refund.

We will check your account to see if you are in credit and whether a refund can be issued. 

If you owe Council Tax for previous years or you owe Council Tax on another account, we will be unable to give you a refund as the credit will be used to go towards the amount you owe.

Your account could be in credit because you have:

  • overpaid
  • moved out of Cornwall
  • been awarded a discount or exemption
  • been awarded Council Tax Support
  • had the band of your property reduced
  • the property has been re-let
  • sold your property

Refunds are paid by Bacs directly into your bank account.

You will need to provide us with the following information so that we can organise your Bacs refund:

  • Your name, address and contact details.
  • Your Council Tax account reference (this can be found on your Council Tax bill and starts with 3).
  • The address for which you are requesting a refund.
  • Why you are requesting a refund.
  • Sort code, account number and the name on the bank or building society account you would like us to send the refund to.

Refunds are usually paid direct into the bank account of the person or persons named on the council tax bill.

If your council tax account is in joint names and you want the refund to be issued to only one person named on the bill, we will ask for written permission from all of the persons named on the bill before we can issue the refund.

Our refunds are usually authorised once a week and issued the following day.

If you wish to request a refund because you have paid too much council tax, please submit the your bank details using our Council Tax contact us form and choosing the option ‘Enquire about something else'Ask for a Council Tax Refund

You can check the balance of your council tax account online by registering for an online council tax account. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to set up an account.



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