Abandoned vehicles

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An abandoned vehicle is one that appears not to be in regular use and has been in the same place for a significant period of time. This may also include caravans and trailers.

A vehicle in poor condition or out of tax does not necessarily mean that it is abandoned. Sometimes further enquiries need to be made to establish whether the vehicle is abandoned before we can remove it.

Vehicles that are illegally parked should be reported to our Civil Parking Enforcement team.

Vehicles causing an obstruction or parked dangerously, irrespective of whether a vehicle is taxed or not, must be reported to the police. They can arrange for the vehicle to be dealt with immediately.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicleTo report an abandoned vehicle we need:-

  • The location of the vehicle, including details such as outside house number ..., or opposite ...
  • Vehicle make, model and colour
  • The vehicle registration number
  • How long it has been there
  • The general condition of the vehicle

We will visit the site to investigate if the vehicle is abandoned. If it is, the possible courses of action are:

  • If the vehicle is only fit for destruction it may be removed and destroyed immediately
  • If the vehicle does not display any registration mark it may be removed and destroyed immediately

If the vehicle does not fall into either category above, a seven day notice of removal will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle.  The vehicle registration number allows us to trace the last known keeper using the DVLA online service.

The costs for removal, destruction or storage of abandoned vehicles is recovered from the last known keeper. Non-payment will result in action being taken in the County Court.

If the vehicle did not display a registration mark we may trace the last known keeper from the VIN number provided by the destruction centre.

Abandoned Vehicle Data

We have collated a list of reports about abandoned vehicles over the last three financial years and quarter one to quarter three of 2020-2021.

Requests we received about abandoned vehicles

Avoid breaking the law when selling your vehicle

Remember until the DVLA receive new keeper details you will remain liable for the car tax and any fines or costs run up by that vehicle.

When you sell your vehicle:-

  • Complete the blue part of the registration document with the purchaser's name and address. Tthe purchaser should sign the declaration to confirm these details.
  • Sign the declaration yourself and send the blue part only to the DVLA at Swansea.
  • Complete the green part with the purchaser's details and give it to the new keeper
  • Only complete the red part if you sell to a member of the motor trade.
  • Don't give the whole document to the buyer for them to complete. You will leave yourself open to problems at a later date.

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