Dead animals

Avian Bird Flu

If you find a dead wild bird please:

  • Report it to Defra on 03459 335577
  • Report it to us for removal on our form below

For further information please visit our page on Avian bird flu. 

Dead animals causing traffic hazards

If the animal is in the middle of a road or highway, and is a potential danger to traffic, please contact the police by phoning 101.

Dead animals in public places

We are responsible for the removal of dead animals from:

  • the public highway
  • land or beaches that we own
  • beaches that are privately leased through the Council

We cannot remove dead animals from private land.

We aim to remove the dead animal within 24 hours.

Tuesday October 4 between 3-5pm, essential maintenance will be carried out. This will mean anything using mapping or searching for addresses will be unavailable during this time. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Report a dead animal

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