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Recycling and rubbish

Most problems can be solved online. It's the quickest and most convenient way to get help. 

View the most frequently asked information and the solutions for those below.

Item too big for rubbish collection

You can use our bulky waste collection service for items that are too big for normal household rubbish and recycling collections.

This usually includes items that are over 1 metre long, or weigh more than 25kg. Our bulky waste page shows what we can and can't collect. 

There is a charge for this service. 

Book a bulky waste collection

Report a missed collection

Before you report a missed collection, please check our list of possible reasons why your waste may not have been collected.

Report a missed collection

Garden waste collections

You can use our garden waste collection service for things like grass clippings, weeds, leaves and prunings.

There is an annual charge for this service.

You can check the prices for the bins/bags and the subscription by looking at our garden waste collection page.

Subscribe to have your garden waste collected

New recycling bags or boxes 

You can request new equipment using our online form.

They will be delivered within 8 calendar days.  If you have recently placed an order please do not place another one, your containers will be delivered as soon as possible.

Please note that we do not currently provide rubbish bins.

Order new recycling bags or boxes 

Fly tipping

You can report fly tipping online. Please note that we can only remove it from land we own or manage. For example a highway, pavement or public open space.

If you report fly tipping on private land, in some cases we may enforce the land owner to remove it. Fly tipping on private land should also be reported to the land owner for them to remove it.

Report fly tipping

Sharps collection

Clinical waste sacks and sharps boxes are not collected with normal household rubbish or bulky waste.  

All households producing clinical waste need to register for a collection. You can choose a weekly, or a one off collection.  

We do not supply sharps bins. You can get new sharps boxes from your healthcare provider or pharmacy.  

Arrange a sharps collection

Recycling centre van permits

Some vehicles need a permit to visit a household waste and recycling centre. Some vehicles over a certain size are not permitted at all.

Please read our do I need a permit page for more information.

Permits are free for households in Cornwall and you can use them at any of our household waste and recycling centres.

We cannot accept trade waste.

Apply online for a vehicle permit

Still need help?

If your query is still not answered you can try looking at our waste and recycling information, use the form below to contact the team or call 0300 1234 141.

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