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Garden waste collections


What you need to know before signing up 


  • You can use this fortnightly garden waste collection service for things like:
    • grass clippings
    • weeds
    • leaves
    • prunings
  • This service is for domestic households only.  Businesses, including self-catering and holiday let properties, are not eligible to apply
  • If you're subscribing for the first time, you need to buy one of our brown bins or reusable bags when you sign up
  • If you've already got one of our brown bins or bags and are renewing your annual subscription you only need to pay for the collection service. 
  • You'll need a separate subscription for each bin or bag you own, so if you have two bins you need two collection subscriptions
  • Please read our Terms and Conditions before signing up
    They contain important information about:
    • container warranties
    • cancellations
    • when we can accept a request for a refund

How much does it cost?


  • To receive our fortnightly garden waste collections you need to sign up for a subscription to the service
  • The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March
  • If you take out a subscription after April, you will only pay for the number of months left until the end of the current subscription year. For example, if you sign up in June, you will only be charged for 10 months (June to March inclusive)
  • As the subscription year ends on 31 March, we stop accepting new applications in January each year as the service only has a few months left to run
  • In mid-February we start taking subscriptions for the new year which starts on 1 April

Container size

Subscription Price for 2024/25

240 litre bin


140 litre bin


70 litre reusable bag



  • If you're subscribing to the collection service for the first time, you will also need to buy one of our brown bins or a reusable bag to put your garden waste in so that we can collect it
  • You cannot buy a container from elsewhere to use with our service
  • This is a one-off charge in your first year and then you should continue to use the bin/bag you bought from us in subsequent years

Container size

One off Container Price for 2024/25

240 litre bin


140 litre bin


70 litre reusable bag


240L Bin

240 litre bin

1070 mm (incl lid) x 580 mm x 740 mm. This holds the same as 4 black bin bags.

140L Bin

140 litre bin

1050 mm (incl lid) x 480 mm x 550 mm. This holds the same as 2 black bin bags.

70L Bag

70 litre bag

480mm x 380mm x 380mm with Velcro flap. This holds the same as 1 black bin bag.


  • Your bin/bag will be delivered within 8 calendar days from receipt of your payment
  • Please provide a safe location when you place your order where we can leave your bin/bag if we deliver it before 8.00 am or when there's no-one at home  
  • If we deliver after 8.00 am and someone is at home, we will ask for a signature.  Otherwise, your bin/bag will be left at your safe location and we'll take a photo as proof it's been delivered 
  • When you receive your bin/bag, it's a good idea to mark it with your house name/number and street. This is so that when we come to empty it, we know it belongs to a property with a valid subscription 
  • If you change your mind after your bin/bag has been delivered and wish to cancel your subscription, you will need to contact us on 0300 1234 141 within 5 working days of its delivery.  Providing that it has not been used and you haven't received a collection yet, we will return to collect it and cancel your subscription.  There will be a £7.00 charge for this return visit which will be deducted from any refund due after the bin/bag has been collected

Buy a replacement container

If you need to replace your existing bin/bag part way through the year, please call us on 0300 1234 141 and have your debit/credit card ready to pay for your order

Renew or subscribe for garden waste collections

Please use the button below:

Renew or subscribe to garden waste collections

 What can I put in my garden waste container?

Yes please

  • Grass cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Organic sweepings
  • Tree, shrub and rose prunings
  • Branches (up to 30cm long and 2.5cm diameter, for example, broom handle width)
  • Cut flowers
  • Weeds
  • Windfall  

No thanks

  • Cardboard, glass, metal and plastic
  • Food waste, including vegetable peelings
  • Turf, soil, compost and rubble
  • Plant pots
  • Animal bedding and faeces
  • Invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed, ragwort, giant hogweed, common ragwort, bamboo
  • Compostable bags
  • Coffee pods

When will my garden waste be collected?

Existing garden waste customers

Your next collection day can be checked on the My Area page of our website.  Please be aware this only shows collections due within the next 2 weeks.  

New garden waste customers

If you:

  • want to know what day of the week your collection is likely to be before signing up to the service, or
  • have been unable to find out your collection day

you can check the map of garden waste collection days.  Please note the day is not guaranteed. 

Once you have signed up to the service, your actual collection day will be available to check on the My Area page of our website within 2 working days. Please bear in mind that this only shows collections within the next 2 weeks. If your collections don't start until April, they won't show until mid/late March.

View the My Area page

Moving house?

If you subscribe to the garden waste collection service and are moving house, when you have your confirmed moving date you will need to:

Prolonging the life of your bin

The bins are only designed to take the items shown in the "what can I put in my garden waste" section above. Please bear in mind that plastic degrades over time due to general wear and tear, and when left outside due to the effects of the sun and other weather conditions. Your bin will not last forever.  We do provide a 12 month warranty for bins (3 months for bags) against manufacturing defects. This excludes circumstances when the bin has been misused.  This includes overfilling or compacting the garden waste within your bin. 

To prolong the life of your bin, please ensure you don’t over fill it or forcibly compact the garden waste within it. This causes pressure to build up against the plastic sides which can cause them to weaken and split.  This shortens the life of your bin.  Similarly bins that are too heavy are at increased risk of becoming damaged during the emptying process.

This would not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or be the liability of the council or our collection contractor. In that event, any replacement costs for the bin would have to be met by the customer.

What else can I do with my garden waste?

Report a missed collection

Please visit our missed collection page to report online.  You can only do this if you have subscribed to our collections service for the current year.  If you leave garden waste out for collection without having renewed your annual subscription your container will be tagged. It will not be emptied

If you do not have a current subscription and still wish to benefit from collections please renew your subscription.

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