Report motorised vehicles on a public right of way

Please use this form to report motorised vehicles on footpaths, bridleways and trails. Motorised vehicles may use byways by law. You can view our online map of public rights of way

We will use this information to identify locations where this is a frequent problem.

We will work with the Police and Town or Parish Councils to stop this Anti-Social Behaviour.

You can report an issue or damage to public rights of way here

Reporting motorised vehicles does not mean the Police will attend an incident immediately.

If a crime is being committed please call the Police using 999 or 101

Report the illegal use of a public right of way

Please complete the details below

Try to provide as much detail as you can for example landmark, identifiable point, junction, name of the area or grid reference

For example, two wheels or four wheels

For example. speeding, noise pollution, ground damage, disturbing animals, upsetting horse riders. Please DO NOT include names here even if you know them.

The information you provide on this form will be held by Cornwall Council and used by us to investigate your report. 

The information will not be used for any other purpose by Cornwall Council. The information will be passed onto other third parties including the Police and Town and Parish Councils.  

In accordance with Cornwall Council’s Record Retention Policy, the information you provide on this form will be retained for 12 months.  All personal information held by Cornwall Council is held safely in a secure environment. Read our full privacy policy

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