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Food complaints

To help us handle your complaint, please read the information below. Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting your complaint.

Report an issue with food premises

Examples of an issue with a food premises that should be reported to us includes:

  • Dirty premises
  • Build up of waste or rubbish
  • Pest activity, for example mice or rats
  • Issues with staff handling food

Report an issue with a food product

Typical examples of food product complaints include:

  • Foreign objects in the food (anything that shouldn't be there, such as a piece of plastic)
  • Mould growth
  • Naturally occurring substances such as leaves, sticks, stones or kernels
  • Chemical contamination for example cleaning chemicals, grease from maintenance or fly spray
  • Food sold past its ‘Use by date’ (not ‘Best Before date’)

Finding something in your food is unpleasant. Most cases can be dealt with by taking the product back to where you bought it for further investigation.

We are unable to assist with claims for compensation. You will need to seek legal advice on this.

Once you have passed the food to us, we will deal with the matter based on the risk to public health risk.

Report alleged food poisoning

You should report your illness to your doctor. If you provide your doctor with a stool sample it can be tested to determine what could have caused your illness. Without these test results our investigation is limited.

You may need to give a food history of up to 5 days before becoming ill to assist with any investigation.

Please let us know if

  • other people you have eaten with have also been ill
  • you work with food
  • you work with vulnerable people, for example children under 5, the elderly, or anyone with low immunity

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