Technical Advice for Planning Applicants (EHTAP)

EH-TAP is a service for developers, applicants and agents in Cornwall. It gives advice on Environmental Health matters linked to the planning process.

What advice is available?

What are the EH-TAP services?

  • Preliminary EH-TAP
  • Detailed EH-TAP

Preliminary EH-TAP

  • This is an optional service under Pre-Application Advice services.
  • Applicants will be given a report which explains any Environmental Health constraints.
  • We will recommend any technical assessments that are required to be submitted.
  • More information on Preliminary EH-TAP is available in the EH-TAP Guidance.

Detailed EH-TAP

There are two options available for Detailed EH-TAP:

Option A

  • Review of proposed sampling / monitoring methods

Option B

  • Review of completed technical assessments.

What is the benefit of EH-TAP?

  • Your application will include all the required assessments.
  • Your application is more likely to be accepted by Environmental Health

Expedited Planning response:

  • You may be short on time and in need of a quick turn around for a response from Environmental Health.
  • Environmental Health will prioritise your response and provide it on the 5th working day.
  • An expedited response will not guarantee that the application will be accepted.

What is the cost of our planning related services?

Service Cost
Preliminary EH-TAP £146+VAT
Detailed EH-TAP (Option A) £219+VAT
Detailed EH-TAP (Option B) £292+VAT
Detailed EH-TAP (Options A and B) £438+VAT
Expediated Planning Response £140+VAT

Are you interested in any of the above services?

If you would like a free quotation or further information, please get in touch with the Business Regulatory Support team via email at or call 0300 1234 212. Alternatively you can follow the link below to use our online contact form.

Contact Business Support

Expedited Planning Response

This service can be purchased by contacting the planning validation team. View the contact information for the planning team.

Self Service guidance on contaminated land, air quality, noise and odour

We have selected some useful guidance and website links.  These will help you with your Environmental Health planning considerations.

Planning Applications

  • Guide on Submitting Planning Applications (available soon)

Contaminated Land

  • Developers guide on contaminated land produced by Cornwall Council. (available soon)

Air Quality

  • Guide relating to planning for Air Quality (available soon)
  • Institute of Air Quality Management's (IAQM) guide for Land-Use Planning and Development Control
  • Clean air for Cornwall Strategy (page 24) - (available soon)


  • A developers guide on noise assessment (available soon)


Useful links

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