Noise Management Support

Noise Management Support Cornwall Noise Management Support Cornwall

Noise Direct from the Environmental Health team helps businesses manage noise related matters.

Who is it for?

Any business whose activities produce levels of noise that may impact their community.

This could be businesses such as:

  • pubs, clubs and entertainment venues
  • late night food establishments
  • festival and event organisers
  • construction businesses

or any business that produces high levels of noise.

What do we offer?

How will it help you?

Noise Direct helps you to:

  • save time and resources by getting it right first time
  • demonstrate environmental responsibility
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • develop positive relationships

Get supportĀ 

If you would like help with noise matters please contact the Business Regulatory Support team.

You can contact the team via

Alternatively you can use our online contact form:

Contact Business Support

Impartiality statement

We are impartial and operate free from conflicts of interest.

Businesses should be aware that other sources of professional advice are available elsewhere.

Businesses are not obligated to take up the services offered by Cornwall Council.
We encourage businesses to research alternative providers to get the best value for those services.

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