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NOISE Direct (Licensing)

NOISE Direct (Licensing) is a chargeable service offered by Cornwall Council Environmental Health.

This service is for;

  • applicants who seek the reassurance of pre-application advice
  • and/or help specific to the Prevention of Public Nuisance licensing objective
  • applicants who wish to ‘get it right first time’ by receiving advice before submitting a formal application

Seeking advice on a broader range of licensing matters? You may be interested in our Licensing Direct service.

The NOISE services outlined here are available as an optional add-on when purchasing Licensing Direct

Benefits of NOISE Direct (Licensing)

  • Save time and money
    Aim to get it right first time and minimise the potential for representations
  • Show environmental responsibility
    Helps you to prove you are taking the matter of public nuisance seriously
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
    Show you are actively promoting the prevention of public nuisance licensing objective
  • Develop positive relationships
    We encourage positive relationships with businesses and the community in which they operate

Who is it for?

This service is aimed at premises licence applicants and festival/event organisers.

What's included?

NOISE Direct (Licensing) contains a range of premises entertainment licence pre-application NOISE services.

These services are designed to meet your individual business needs.

Licensing NOISE Advice

As a Responsible Authority we can provide advice on the Prevention of Public Nuisance Licensing Objective.

This is useful where noise is likely to be a consideration in the outcome of your application.

We can provide:

  • opinion on the compatibility of your proposal with the licensing objective
  • opinion on whether bespoke noise control licence conditions are likely to be required
  • advice on the nature and extent of the condition

Licensing NOISE support

Get application support in respect of the Prevention of Public Nuisance Licensing Objective.

This includes help with the drafting and agreement of conditions in your proposed operating schedule


We can offer site specific advice on how to manage music noise from small outdoor events that take place under a Temporary Event Notice:

  • Responsible authority opinion on the compatibility of your proposal with the  licensing objective;
  • Opinion on whether noise control measures are likely to be required and advice on the nature and extent of those measures;
  • Advice on whether a noise management plan is likely to be required
    This may include referral to additional NMP advice, depending on site-specific circumstances

Festival NOISE support

Get advice on managing noise for larger outdoor music festivals held under premises licence.

We also provide advice for events help under a TEN, including those in marquees, or similar:

  • Advice regarding suitability of proposal e.g. location, duration etc.;
  • Assistance with the drafting and agreement of licence conditions for your operating schedule;
  • Advice and discussion in relation to your (pre-submission) noise management plan (where applicable);
  • Reviewing and agreeing your draft (pre-submission) noise management plan (where applicable);
  • Attendance at site or consultant meetings;

How much does it cost?

To view our prices for noise advice, please visit our Licensing Direct prices page.

The fees for noise advice covers the cost of administration and delivery of the service.

Costs charged are not for profit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Further advice

Before deciding which service suits you best, you may wish to read our Noise Guidance for licence applicants.

The guidance includes specific information about the Prevention of Public Nuisance licensing objective.

Follow the button below to read the guidance.

Noise Guidance for licensed entertainment

Get NOISE support 

Contact the Licensing Team direct at

Impartiality statement

We operate impartially and free from conflicts of interest.

Businesses should be aware that other sources of professional advice are available elsewhere.

Businesses are not obligated to take up the services offered by Cornwall Council.

We encourage businesses to research alternative providers to ensure they obtain the best value.

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