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Prices are charged on a cost recovery basis. Effective from 1st April 2024.

Prices shown are excluding VAT except:

*  VAT exempt
** Outside the scope of VAT

Product/Services Price ex VAT
Business Advice
Licensing Direct

Buy Licensing Direct services online;

See all Licensing Direct fees and charges.
Gain and Retain 5 £340 plus VAT - Buy the gain and retain package
Food Hygiene Rating Rescore £210** - Request a revisit
Allergens Direct £170 plus VAT - contact us to book
Health and Safety Direct From £340 plus VAT - contact us to book
Fire Safety Direct Contact us to book
Care Safety Compliance £595.00 plus VAT - contact us to book
Trading Standards Bite-Sized From £82 plus VAT Buy the TS Bitesize advice 
Regulatory Business Advice From £85 plus VAT Buy business advice
Primary Authority Partnerships Price on application* (VAT exempt) - contact us to book
Safer Food Better Business packs. Caterers or Retailers (includes 1 month diary) £26.00** Buy Safer food pack
Safer Food Better Business diary refills (12 months) £15.00 plus VAT  Buy diary refills
Bitesize guides £26.00** Buy a bitesize guide
Accreditation Schemes
Buy with Confidence Please visit the Buy with Confidence website.
Made in Cornwall Please visit the Made in Cornwall website.
Personal Licence training

From £145 including VAT (non-refundable)

An additional charge of £37 will be required for your Personal Licence application after you have completed the course.

Food Hygiene & Allergens training Please visit our training page
Health and Safety training Please visit our training page
Online training View our online training courses
Environmental Consultancy
Environmental Health - Technical Advice for Planning applications (EH-TAP) Preliminary - £170 plus VAT
£255 plus VAT (Option A)
£349 plus VAT (Option B)
(£85 discount applied if both options are selected at the point of application)
Contact us to book
Acoustic Consultancy Contact us for a free quote 0300 1234 212 (option 2). Prices based on a cost recovery model of £85 plus VAT per hour
Contaminated Land Services

Contact Planning for their fees and charges 

Other sources of professional advice are available. You are under no obligation to purchase any of our services. 

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