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Planning fees

Please find Cornwall Council's schedule of planning fees in:

Cornwall Council Fees and charges document

Removal of Free Go

On 06/12/2023 new statutory planning fees have been introduced. At the same time, the ability to submit a free go on relevant submissions has been removed.  This has raised a number of queries.  Please see the below clarification:

  • Applications submitted before 6 December 2023 and are not determined before the said date would not benefit from a free go. 
  • Applications determined or withdrawn before 6 December will still benefit from a free go subject to the normal criteria. 
  • If the application is withdrawn before 6 December 2023, the applicant has 12 months from the validation date to submit a free go.
  • If the application was refused the applicant has 12 months from the date the application was refused, if it is refused prior to 6 December 2023.
  • The update does not refer to applications approved. Therefore the free go no longer applies to approved application. This is regardless of whether it was approved prior to 6 December 2023 or not.

Planning additional services

Services we offer:

Our services can provide answers to common questions and include: 

General Advice
  • Do I need planning permission
  • Pre-application advice for a specific development before submission
  • Planing history requests
  • Confirmation of permitted development rights
  • Informal confirmation of use class
  • Confirmation of planning restrictions such as occupancy/use restrictions
  • Help resolving conveyancing issues
  • What is a material start?
  • Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) requests for exemption evidence
Confirmation of compliance
  • With planning condition
  • With Listed Building Consent
  • Advice to achieve compliance (relating to fees monitoring programme)
Planning Obligations
  • Confirmation of compliance with Section 106 (desktop)
  • Enquiry relating to a specific site S106 agreement
  • S106 Eligibility Assessment for affordable self-build and intermediate rent occupancy assessments
  • S106 Administration fee relating to:
    • Deed of modification;
    • Deed of revocation;
    • new planning obligation by agreement and deed of discharge
  • S106 compliance certificate (where required and noted on Title)
  • Modification of planning obligation in the first 5 years
  • Confirmation of closure of enforcement case
  • Confirmation of compliance with enforcement notice
Further information

Please see the Planning and Sustainable Development Fees and Charges Document starting on page 9. 

How to request a service

To use a service, please apply online:

Additional Service Application Form


Cornwall Council has a wealth of information on its website.  Please use the search facility or browse our pages.

Ways to pay

Pay for your planning application online

You can also pay:

By phone (credit/debit card)

Telephone 0300 1234 151. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

To use the telephone automated service, please note:

  • you need to know the planning reference eg PA20/01234
  • a 10-digit PIN will be required
  • the pin in this example would be entered as follows **20*01234
  • for a pre-application service where the reference number has the PREAPP suffix, please remove PREAPP and enter the number in the same way as indicated above.

Planning Portal applications

If you submit an application via the Planning Portal, any fees due must be paid to the Planning Portal, not Cornwall Council.

Please note that without this payment:

  • the Portal will not release your application to the Council
  • we are unable to transfer any payments which may have been made to us in error
  • any payments received in error will be refunded which could delay your application.  

If you have any queries about this or the Planning Portal payment system,  please contact the Portal direct:

Please note that the Planning Portal is a private company and is not run by Cornwall Council.

Online fee calculator

The Planning Portal fee calculator is a useful tool.  It will help you work out the cost of your planning application by asking a series of questions.

Cornwall Council have also produced their own Supplementary Fees and Charges Guidance Note. This helps to calculate planning fees.

Find out more about planning charges 

Full details of planning charges can be accessed on this link:

Building control charges

For more information on the charges for works under Building Regulations,  please see our Making an application page. 

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