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Training testimonials

See what businesses had to say about our training services.

Feedback from Level 3 Food Safety for Catering (July 2022)

"Can I just say, it was a pleasure to have you as a teacher. I found your course to be incredibly helpful."

"Thank for your guidance and sharing your wisdom with us."

"Thank you very much for your training, it was great and useful"

Thank you so much Malcolm, it was an amazing course to attend.

Would recommend anyone to have this course delivered by Malcom

The very real and industry specific angle taken to the course, making it directly relatable to the company I work for.

Outset Cornwall, Pool Innovation Centre

"Business Regulatory Support has delivered a number of ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions for Pool-based Outset Cornwall geared to helping start-up business clients with regulatory guidance.

Client feedback rated the three-hour workshop highly with all delegates recording that their expectations were met and they would recommend the session to a friend. The workshop highlighted how to access a range of accessible information in person, in print and digitally including free guides and advice sheets."

Anonymous Feedback from L2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Training

"Friendly and relaxed environment. Clear delivery and very knowledgeable."

"Happily dealt with all our interruptions with questions and answered them well with examples to explain."

Anonymous Feedback from L2 Award for Personal Licence Holders Training

"Really enjoyed the day. Flowed really well, The pace was easy to take info in. Informal but informative."

Mark Holden, The Victoria Inn, Threemilestone

"Thanks to your team for helping us with up-skills training for our apprentices. A great example of Council, Business and colleges working together to help improvement! We recommend your services."

Feedback from L2 Food Safety Course

"Very entertaining and relevant. Well run, I recommend anyone in a food business to attend. Top marks, really helped increase my understanding."

"Learnt new things that I now know to do differently. Very helpful."

Feedback from L2 Food Safety Course

"The tutor took time to explain everything in layman’s terms so everyone understood. Very well run course, most enjoyable."

"Great day, good to refresh, thank you."

Feedback from Business Safety Seminar

"Enjoyed all of it, glad I came along. Practical information, professional trainers."

"The information was given in a relaxed manner. Thanks very informative."

Viv Laity, St Hilary School, St Hilary, Penzance

"The training was very ‘light’ and amusing given the subject ‘Food Hygiene’.
She used her in-depth knowledge together with case studies, using experiences from her time in the food trade together with her experiences’ from her inspection role. It made the whole day interesting as we were a mixed group of students ‘educational staff, kitchen staff and business owners’. Thank you".

Revenue Officer, Cornwall Council

"Thanks for an amazing conflict training course! I have been recommending it left right and centre".

Cornwall Council Services

"Excellent training, well presented, fun training. (Conflict Training Course) Children and Family Services"

"Excellent instructor - have already recommended this course to others’ (Conflict Training Course) Customer Access and Digital Services".

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