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Technical advice for planning applicants

What is EH-TAP?

Environmental Health - Technical Advice for Planning Applicants’ (EH-TAP) is a flexible service providing :

  • developers
  • applicants
  • and agents

seeking consultee advice or comments on environmental health matters linked to the planning process.

EH-TAP is aimed at applicants who want to ‘get it right first time’ and in the process reduce costs and save time. 

EH-TAP provides a consultee perspective on potential adverse effects upon health and/or general amenity associated with:

  • Air quality
  • Contaminated land
  • Noise
  • Odour

What are the options?

EH-TAP provides flexibility to suit proposals at different stages of development.  Whether at an early outline stage, or a more advanced scheme with relevant assessment reports. EH-TAP is available to suit the situation and requirements for advice.

Preliminary EH-TAP is an optional addition when using the ‘Pre-Application Planning and Building Control Advice’ service offered by the Planning and Sustainable Development.  Applicants are advised

  • When preliminary EH-TAP might be of benefit (e.g. due to constraints such as those relating to air quality and contaminated land)
  • Have the option of paying a fixed fee for environmental advice to be provided to assist with the consideration of such factors as part of a future planning submission.
  • Preliminary EH-TAP can also be obtained where applicants aren’t submitting a Planning Pre-App but have a specific need for Environmental Health advice.

Detailed EH-TAP is available for applicants with a more advanced scheme who wish to receive technical consultee advice on the approach to:

  • assessing relevant impacts (e.g. scope and methodology of a relevant assessment)
  • and/or full consultee comments in advance of a formal submission. 

How could EH-TAP benefit my project?

Some of the key benefits of EH-TAP may include:

  • Save time and resources: aim to get a planning submission right first time
  • Flexibility: options to suit schemes at different stages of development
  • Expert advice to:
    • help identify,
    • understand
    • and seek to resolve
    relevant issues associated with a planning proposal
  • Reduce risks with formal submission. Receive Environmental Health consultee comments in advance of formal submission. (Detailed EH-TAP, option B).
  • Raise the quality of development and reduce any negative impacts
  • Reduce the risk that proposed development could be affected by pollution.
  • Help increase community acceptance
  • Value for money: Services charged at cost with no profit margins or shareholders
  • Locally delivered service with local site knowledge.

How do I make an enquiry?

Where relevant, Preliminary EH-TAP will be offered as an ‘add on’ option when applying for Pre-Application Advice via Planning & Sustainable Development. Preliminary EH-TAP payment will be collected along with the pre-application advice fee(s).  Or, for those not wishing to submit a Pre-App, please contact Public Protection’s Community and Environmental Protection team

Detailed EH-TAP can be arranged by contacting Public Protection’s Community and Environmental Protection team:

If you would prefer to send an email:

  • please provide your details
  • and a brief description of the project

and a member of the team will contact you at a convenient time.

What are the fees?

Preliminary EH-TAP has a fixed fee of £160.83 plus VAT.

Detailed EH-TAP starts at £219 plus VAT (Option A) and £292 plus VAT (Option B), with a discount applied if both options are selected at the point of application.

Where can I find further guidance?

Further details on EH-TAP along with a range of useful guidance documents relevant to planning and environmental protection are available from the Neighbourhoods and Public Protection Planning Guidance webpage.

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