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Information for planning applicants

It is likely that you will need planning permission if you want to:

  • build something new
  • make a major change or
  • change the use of a building

On this page find out about:

  • what you need to do before making a planning application; 
  • the planning process and
  • what happens after

Before making a planning application

Before making a planning application, applicants may want to consider the following:

Information that can assist when making a planning application

Our website has a wealth of information and guidance.  The first and most important document is the Validation Guide.

The following links to information may also be useful:

Climate Emergency

The Climate Emergency Development Plan Document was adopted on 21 February 2023 by Cornwall Council. The policies in it are now being used in planning decisions. 

In particular Policy SEC1 needs to be considered at an early design stage:

  • orientation
  • architectural form
  • landscaping and
  • materials

all have implications for energy performance.  Guidance on the CEDPD policies is available at: Climate Emergency DPD

Making a planning application

Visit our Make a planning application page for details on how to submit and planning fees.

After you've made a planning application

You can find more details about the planning process in our online resource: Day in the life of a planning application


If the application is refused there is a right to appeal.  Visit our dedicated appeals page for further information.

Amending your Application

We recognise that sometimes once a decision has been issued there may be a need to amend the application.  Visit the Revisions and amendments page for guidance on:

  • When amendments can be requested
  • What can not be considered an amendment
  • Different amendment options
  • How to apply

Discharge of conditions

Applications are issued with a decision containing conditions.  Some of these conditions will require formal approval of the Local Planning Authority.  Please visit our Discharge of conditions page for more information.

Building Control

Building Regulations apply to most building work. Building Control ensures the health safety and welfare of people in and around buildings. It also ensures the conservation of fuel and power. It is important to find out if you need permission.

Not all building work needs building regulation permission. Full details about works that do not need permission can be found on the LABC Front Door website:

During construction

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