Role of Divisional Ward Member in Planning

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You can direct contact Elected Division Ward Members direct about planning applications.  Members are able to:

  • influence and
  • comment on decisions that are made by the authority.

This will:

  • allow Members to represent the interests of their community and
  • help deliver better decision making.

Elected Members are subject to legal control which covers:

  • conduct and
  • responsibility in carrying out their role. 

An awareness of the key issues is relevant to the carrying out of these functions.

Members have a responsibility of making decisions that affect their local area. This includes:

  • providing for new development
  • protecting the environment and
  • delivering social progress through the proper planning of their areas.

The latter includes

  • the full range of housing
  • employment
  • retail and
  • leisure provision and
  • some less obvious but equally vital issues such as:
    • meeting the need for waste-management facilities and
    • minerals development.

Elected Members will also have a role in representing their wards when there are planning applications in their area:

  • either as a Ward Member or 
  • as a member of the Planning Committee, when determining planning applications.

At a planning committee, Ward Members will need to think about their wider responsibility to the authority and not just their local area.

The Member planning protocol is a flow diagram showing how Divisional Ward Members get involved in the planning process. 

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