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Manholes and drain covers

Drainage covers and gratings within the highway will usually be our responsibility. There are many other covers in the highway that are the responsibility of a utility company. These covers provide access for gas, electric, telecommunications, water or sewerage services.

If you wish to report a defective manhole or drain cover, please use the link below. If the cover is the responsibility of someone else we will notify them.

Report a damaged manhole or drain cover

To report a dangerous defect e.g. missing cover, causing an immediate safety hazard, please telephone 0300 1234 222 (24 hour service). Please provide details of the location.

How you can help

If leaves are covering a grating and where you can remove them from the surface, safely, then please do so. Leaf debris can be disposed of, if necessary, with normal rubbish or added to your compost bin. Don’t lift the drain covers or put your hands into the drain as there may be sharp objects you cannot see. Wearing gloves is always a good idea if you are clearing leaves by hand.

Please report blocked drains if they are posing a risk to safety if you are unable clear them.

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