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Local councils

Role of local councils in planning

  • The local council protocol (updated November 2023) sets out how local councils are involved in the application process. Please see the role of local councils in planning page for more information on other aspects. 
  • You can find our quarterly planning newsletters with items of specific interest for Local Councils on our Planning News webpage.

Planning application documents

The Head of Planning gives permission for you to download plans and documents relating to planning applications. This can be electronically or paper.  Section 47 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 applies. You cannot copy the documents for your own use as this will infringe copyright. You can only copy documents if you have the permission of the copyright owner. (This may be the person that drew the plans or the author of the document)

Cornwall Planning Partnership refresh

Cornwall Council and CALC would like to invite new members to join the refreshed Cornwall Planning Partnership.  You can find more information on what the role involves and how to apply on the Cornwall Planning Partnership webpage.

Local council planning training

We offer training for local councils:

  • following local elections - these are our Local Council Planning Induction Training events, last held in June 2021
  • single topic events for all local councils 3 or 4 times a year

You can find information on this training, presentations and other resources using this link: Local Council Planning Training

Planning guidance for local councils

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