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Working together on pre app discussions

The Cornwall Planning Partnership produced a protocol to help:

  • local councils
  • developers and
  • officers

work together on pre applications.

Local Councils will aim to:

  • publish details on its website of its:
    • pre-application procedures and
    • information for potential applicants
  • assist in facilitating public meetings in suitable pre-agreed local locations
  • share notes of pre-application discussions with the Local Planning Authority including:
    • minutes of meetings or
    • a record of the discussion
  • refer requests for advice on planning policy to the Local Planning Authority.

Applicants and agents should:

  • research the area of the proposed development
  • get an understanding of local factors
  • share with the local council:
    • plans
    • supporting information and
    • guidance given by the Local Planning Authority┬ábefore attending local meetings
  • leave the information with the local council for any follow up comments
  • respect the role of the local council during the pre-application process
  • not lobby individual local council members in private
  • meet all reasonable costs of hiring local facilities to hold public meetings

Cornwall Council officers will:

  • encourage applicants to engage with local communities
  • share any pre-application advice given to the applicant by officers if requested. (Except in the case of confidential pre-application enquiries)
  • encourage the use of Planning Performance Agreements (PPA) and Local Council liaison
  • ensure joined-up working with other agencies in connection with pre-application submissions
  • encourage the use of the Cornwall Design Review Panel
  • adhere to the pre-application protocol when Cornwall Council is the planning applicant

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