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Am I eligible to join?

The Cornwall Pension Fund is available to most employees whose employer participates in the pension scheme.

Please consider the information below if you are unsure whether you are eligible to join:

  • To be eligible you must be under the age of 75
  • Employees with a contract of employment for less than 3 months are eligible to join. But, they must request to join the scheme unlike current eligible employees, who for specific employers like Cornwall Council, must be enrolled
  • There is no restriction on the number of hours you must work - all part time employees are eligible to join
  • If you have opted out before, you are eligible to rejoin at any time, providing you meet the eligibility criteria as set out above and below. Please note that if you opt out of membership of the scheme and then rejoin the LGPS, you will not be permitted to join the two periods of membership together and, instead, you will have two separate sets of pension benefits in the scheme

Who can not join?

  • Employees over the age of 75
  • Teachers
  • NHS Employees
  • Firefighters

Teachers, NHS Employees and Firefighters have their own separate pension schemes. If you are a teacher please visit the Teachers Pension Scheme website, if you are an NHS employee please visit the NHS Pension Scheme website or if you are a firefighter please visit the Firefighters' Pension web pages.

If you are still unsure whether you are eligible to join, you should contact your Human Resources/Payroll department.

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