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i-Connect is a secure platform for employers. It automates the submission of pension data to the Fund.

All Fund employers are moving from preparing year-end returns for scheme members' data submission, to online monthly data returns by using the i-Connect platform. Our aim is to move all employers to i-Connect and monthly data returns by the end of April 2023.

The benefits

i-Connect reduces the costs and risks associated with processing pension data by generating automatic monthly data submissions to the Fund in a single solution. Data is extracted directly from the employer's payroll system and enables the automatic identification of new joiners, those opting out and leavers. 

The benefits include:

  • accurate data submissions
  • no more year end returns
  • reducing the time spent on pensions administration
  • fewer data error investigations
  • reducing the need for manually completing our forms
  • speedier responses to your employer enquiries
  • secure data transmission
  • a user friendly platform


We are "onboarding" employers in different phases, so will contact you with your "onboarding" date.

Training and support will be given to all employers as they progress through the "onboarding" process. 


i-Connect Leaver Form

Changing payroll providers before April 2023?

Please contact us to discuss if your organisation can bring your "onboarding" to an earlier date, to accommodate the payroll change. 

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