Employer training

Employer Development Pathway

The Employer Development Pathway is an online self-learning pathway designed for Human Resources, Finance and Payroll staff to develop their specialist Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) knowledge enabling them to discharge their employer responsibilities.

We recommend that the stages are completed in order:

Stage 1 - Introduction to the LGPS

The LGPS have developed an Employees Promotional Leaflet which gives an overview of the scheme. Similar to this, Cornwall Pension Fund each year produces a Scheme Guide for new and prospective members. Both these documents are primarily aimed at employees but are also a good starting point for employers.

Stage 2 - Understanding the LGPS

The LGPS has a dedicated national member website providing information to those looking to join the scheme, who have already joined and those looking to retire. Similar to this, the thinking of joining, active members and preserved member sections of our website contains Fund specific details plus has short videos to view to aid your understanding of the LGPS.

Stage 3 - Understanding the employers role

The Pension Administration Strategy aims to ensure both the Administering Authority and employers are fully aware of their responsibilities under the Scheme, and to outline the performance standards each are expected to meet. The Fund has also developed an Admin Guide for Employers which details the processes and information required to adhere to the performance standards.

This section of the Fund's website is updated regularly and contains the latest news and forms for employers.

Stage 4 - Contributions, pensionable pay and absences

The LGPS has developed HR and Payroll Guides which details the responsibilities and duties than an employer participating in the LGPS must undertake, as well as the minimum information an employer needs to supply the Fund. These guides explain about assumed pensionable pay, pensionable pay, absences, contributions and retirements. These guides plus the guidance on automatic enrolment can be viewed in the guides and sample documents section of the LGPS regulations website.

Stage 5 - LGPS regulations and regulatory statements

The LGPS regulations website includes the LGPS Regulations 2013 and LGPS Transitional Regulations 2014 including a list of amendments. The Fund has to provide various regulatory statements such as the Communications Policy Statement, Funding Strategy Statement and Governance Compliance Statements - these can be viewed within the Regulatory Statements section of the Fund's website.

Stage 6 - Further reading

The Pension and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has produced a best practice guide for employers participating in the LGPS which helps in the understanding and fulfilling the financial commitments, administrative responsibilities and regulatory requirements associated with the scheme.

Cornwall Pension Fund Training

The Fund can provide tailored training for your organisation and can conduct an LGPS "employer health check". 

The Fund can also provide briefing sessions to your members on the benefits of the LGPS plus attend any staff roadshow events that your organisation holds to answer questions and provide information about the LGPS.

If you have any specific training requirements, please contact Matt Allen (Employer Liaison Officer) for more details.

Local Government Association Training

The Local Government Association (LGA) provide training for employers in the LGPS on a regular basis, as and when these are advertised, the Fund will provide the details in the section. 

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