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Employer training

The following survey is a Training Needs Self-Assessment for all employers in the Fund.

The purpose of this survey is:

  • to assess your level of knowledge of the LGPS
  • your expertise as an employer within the scheme
  • highlight the subject matters where further training can be focused

The feedback of this will be used to develop future training material in a variety of formats, which will be available to all our employers.

We have broken down this survey into five sections. The first three sections are to identify your level of knowledge. We have included some key points to prompt you in these topics. There are four options available to choose from:

  • No knowledge = no knowledge on this subject
  • An awareness = recognition that the subject matter exists
  • A general understanding = understanding the basics in relation to the subject matter
  • A strong understanding = a good level of knowledge in relation to the subject matter (but not necessarily at a detailed level)

Sections four and five are to identify your preferred training delivery methods and your commutation with the Cornwall Pension Fund.


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