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Regulatory Statements

Business Plan

This explains the background and objectives for the management of the Cornwall Pension Fund. It documents the priorities and improvements to be implemented by the Fund over a three year period. This is to help achieve those objectives. The Business Plan also enables progress and performance to be monitored. It provides stakeholders with a clear vision for the three year period.

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This explains the Fund's policies on the provision of information and publicity about the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). This is for:

  • members
  • representatives of members
  • employing authorities

It sets out the format, frequency and method of distributing such information or publicity.

This explains the funding objectives of the Fund. This includes:

  • how the costs of the benefits provided under the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) are met throught the Fund
  • the objectives in setiing employer contribution rates
  • the funding strategy that is adopted to meet those objectives

Cornwall Pension Fund Funding Strategy Statement (March 2017)

This sets out an analysis of the Fund's compliance with the latest guidance. This is guidance issued by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

This explains the governance arrangements of the Fund. It includes the make up of the Pension Committee and, an outline of the tasks delegated to the Committee and to the Fund's Officers.

This details:

  • the Fund's investment strategy. This includes the Fund's assessment of the suitability of particular types of investments
  • the balance between asset classes
  • the approach to risk
  • the policy on stewardship
  • social, environmental and corporate governance considerations

The strategy includes the approach to pooling. It also shows the relationship with the Brunel Pension Partnership.

This ensures that parties are fully aware of their responsibilities under the LGPS. These parties are both the:

  • Administering Authority
  • Fund employers 

It also outlines the performance standards they are expected to meet. These are to ensure delivery of a high quality and cost effective administration service. 

This document is used to ensure that the risks associated with the Fund are effectively:

  • identified
  • prioritised
  • managed
  • monitored

Cornwall Pension Fund Risk Register (December 2018)