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Thinking of joining

Entry into the Cornwall Pension Fund (CPF), for most is automatic, but for some will be by election. This depends on whether your employer operates an automatic entry process. If you are not sure whether your employer operates an automatic entry process, please contact your Human Resources/Payroll department.

You may wish to visit our am I eligible pages, as certain employees are not permitted to join.

There is a Cornwall Pension Fund Scheme Guide which is also available to view.

Benefits of joining 

  • A pension based on your career average revalued earnings
  • A death in service lump sum
  • Ill health retirement from any age
  • Spouse, civil partner or cohabiting partners pension
  • Children's pension

Benefits of being a member and how much will I pay will provide further information on the benefits of joining the scheme.

Opting in

If you decide to join the Cornwall Pension Fund please complete an election form and return it to us using our contact details.

If you are paying in, your contributions will be deducted from your wages on a monthly basis and this will be displayed on your payslip.

Would I be able to access my details online?

As a member of the Fund, you can sign up for My Pension Online, which allows you to access your pension account details and calculate pension benefits estimates securely online. To find out more about this member self-service facility and to sign up once you become a member, please visit our My Pension Online section of this website.

Need help?

Most issues can be resolved online, it's the quickest and most convenient way to get help.

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