What will I receive?

The scheme rules changed on 1 April 2008 and 1 April 2014, so what you will receive depends on when you left the scheme. The way we calculate your benefits differs depending on your date of leaving.

What is the difference?

  • If you left before 1 April 2008, you will receive a tax free lump sum, followed by monthly pension payments
  • Members who left after 1 April 2008 will receive a tax free lump sum for service accrued up to 1 April 2008 followed by monthly pension payments. (Please note, you stopped accruing a lump sum after 1 April 2008).  
  • Members who left after 1 April 2014 will receive benefits based on career average revalued earnings (CARE)

The right to accrue an automatic lump sum was removed when the scheme rules changed in 2008. Therefore if you joined and left the pension scheme after 1 April 2008, you will not receive an automatic lump sum. If you have pre and post 2008 service, you will receive a lump sum for your service accrued up to 1 April 2008 only. 

However, you will have the option to convert some of your pension into a lump sum (when your benefits come into payment). The lump sum modeller on the LGPS member website, allows you to work out how much pension you can convert to a lump sum at retirement.

Whilst preserved, your pension will increase each year in line with the consumer prices index.

For further information, please view how is my pension calculated?

Can I access my details online?

As a preserved member, you can sign up for My Pension Online. This allows you to securely:

  • access your pension account details
  • calculate pension benefits estimates

To find out more about this member self-service facility and sign up, please visit our My Pension Online section of this website.

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