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Will my pension increase?

Your pension will increase each April, if:

  • You are aged 55 or over 
  • You are retired on the grounds of ill health (at any age)
  • You are receiving a widow's, widower's, civil partner's or nominated cohabiting partner's pension
  • You are receiving a child's pension

Your pension will increase each April in line with the consumer prices index(CPI). We will write to you every April with details of the increase.

The previous years rise in inflation (from 30 September to 30 September) is used to calculate the rate of the increase applied to your pension.

Previous increases

Date of increase

Increase %

April 2024 6.7
April 2023 10.1
April 2022 3.1
April 2021 0.5
April 2020 1.7
April 2019 2.4
April 2018 3.0
April 2017 1.0
April 2016 No increase
April 2015 1.2
April 2014 2.7
April 2013 2.2
April 2012 5.2
April 2011 3.1
April 2010 No increase
April 2009 5.0
April 2008 3.9
April 2007 3.6
April 2006 2.7
April 2005 3.1
April 2004 2.8
April 2003 1.7
April 2002 1.7
April 2001 3.3
April 2000 1.1


If you have only started to receive your pension within the last 12 months, you will not receive a full years increase, you will receive a proportion. If you attained state pension age after 5 April 2016, then Cornwall Pension Fund will pay all of the pension increase. If you reached state pension age before 6 April 2016, part of your increase will be paid by the Cornwall Pension Fund and part will be paid by the state.

If you earned a guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) before 6 April 1988, the GMP element of your pension will be increased every April by the Department for Work and Pensions and will be paid with your state basic pension.

If you earned a GMP after 6 April 1988, your pension will be increased up to 3% by the Cornwall Pension Fund, after which any remaining increase will be paid by the Department for Work and Pensions and will be paid with your state basic pension.

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