Lost a pension?

Help with locating an old pension

If you worked for a company a long time ago and think you may be entitled to some pension benefits, there is a free service that can help you to attempt to trace that pension benefit. It is "Find my lot pension".

Find my lost pension

The website allows various pension funds to upload the National Insurance number of their ex–employees who have a preserved benefit entitlement

All you have to do is:

and you will be immediately informed if there is a match. It will provide you with on screen instructions about what action to take in order to contact the relevant pension fund.

This tracing facility is however limited to only those pension funds that have agreed to participate with Euraplan.

Government Pension Tracing Service

There is also a Government body that may be able to assist you. The Government has established the Pension Tracing Service which provides a similar service to Euraplan and is again totally free of charge.

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