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Book an inspection
Request an inspection or tell us you are starting work, next day inspections can normally be carried out providing your request is received before 5pm the day before.
Make an application
Complete an application & pay online for full plan and building notice applications. Charges are payable unless the work provides facilities for disabled persons.
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Isles of Scilly inspections will be pre-booked to fit in with our regular visits to the islands.  Please contact us on 01872 224792 (option 1) to arrange an inspection.

Cornwall Council Building Control aim to provide a high quality tailored service to the businesses and communities of Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly that will provide value for money.

Our vision is to meet our customers’ needs, with an independent, quality, value for money, tailored service that is reliable, accessible and consistent.

A recent happy customer commented:

‘…thanks for being absolutely brilliant and a breath of fresh air. I'm absolutely determined that this house will be a brilliant case study for you - and that you'll be proud of our work  - we've got such vision for this gorgeous old house and it's going to be a bit of a life achievement to get it over the line. With people like you on hand with the best support and guidance, I know we can achieve this. It's a bit scary but we will make it happen! Thanks again - it's not just a job you do, you've given us an extra boost of confidence that we can do this…’

I’d like to thank you for the efficient and fast response to a situation which was causing me a great deal of stress.