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Building Safety Bill

The next step in ground-breaking reforms to give residents and homeowners more rights, powers and protections – making homes across the country safer.

For more information please view the following document:

LABC Building Excellence Awards 2021

New Building Excellence awards programme for 2021 celebrating both Places and People in the construction industry.

Place awards - taking place in London on 28 January 2022

The ‘Place’ awards showcase projects that you’ve worked on with local authority building control.

People awards - taking place in London on 11 February 2022

The ‘People’ awards will celebrate individual contributions to building excellence.

Building Regulations - Arrangements for Site Inspection Notifications and Plan Checking

We have reviewed our current inspection arrangements for works under construction. This is as a result of the Government’s announcement of measures to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

You will have received your project specific site log. This indicates the inspection stages that you should notify us of during construction. Please ensure that you notify us at commencement and all other inspection stages. Please get in contact on 01872 224792 if you need a further copy of this or more information.

Please continue to notify us of each inspection stage:

Please include a phone number in the email so that we can make contact with you about the visit.

We will ask whether anyone at the site is self-isolating or has COVID symptoms. Building inspections continue following social distancing measures.

Inspections of occupied buildings will need to be carried out at the discretion of the site officer.  They may request to view the works using remote technology.

Remote working continues for all staff and plan checking services continue as normal.

Contact via direct phone numbers is limited so please email or call 01872 224792

Building Control App

You can now book your inspections through the LABC App. Please visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the free app.

You will only need to fill in your details on the app once. You can then use the boxes provided to let us know where and when you would like an inspection.

The app also has a link to call us directly.

For more information visit

Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy which details how we manage your data.

Registered Construction Details

The LABC has launched a suite of 250 Registered Construction Details (RCDs). This is to help you combat the problem of cold bridging in construction. This will minimise heat loss through the weak junction points in a building’s outer envelope. 

Site inspections

We are focusing on providing our customers with excellent customer service.  Aiming to provide you with a stress free Building Control experience.  Processing your application in an efficient and reliable manner. 

To help us to achieve this, we have changed how you book your site inspection. Please now contact us before 5pm on the day before you would like the inspection.

Online: Book a site inspection
Tel: 01872 224792, option 1
LABC App: 

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