Dangerous structures and public safety

Dangerous structures 

Building Control have to ensure the safety of building users if a building is dangerous.

A dangerous structure can include all or part of a building or structure. The danger can be to an occupant or members of the public.

These can include:

  • loose or falling roof tiles;
  • walls next to public paths and footways that are in danger of collapse;
  • unstable chimneys;
  • larger buildings that become unstable.

What’s a dangerous structure notice?

The Council can serve legal notices to ensure dangerous structures are made safe. These can be Section 77 or Section 78 notices. We maintain a list of current dangerous structure notices.

Can I appeal a dangerous structure notice?

You can appeal the notice served in accordance with Section 102 and 103 of The Building Act 1984

View current list of outstanding dangerous structure notices

What makes buildings or structures dangerous? 

Structures can become dangerous for many reasons, including lack of maintenance or damage. Weather, fire and accidents can be the cause of dangerous structures.

Building Control inspect all reported cases and deal with each case on merit or degree of danger. We will visit imminent dangerous structures within 2 hours of notification. 

If your property is not an immediate danger we will give you reasonable time to remove the danger.

If your property is an imminent danger we will make every effort to contact you before we take action.

If we need to take action immediately to remove a danger, we will ensure that we make every effort to contact you. If we are unable to contact you we will authorise the works required

Who pays for the works? 

If we need to take immediate works to a property we will recover costs from the owner of the property.

The costs will include officer time taken.

What to do if you notice a dangerous structure? 

If you want to notify us that a building or structure is dangerous you can contact the council at any time.

Please can you also provide the What3Words combination so that we are able to locate the exact location of the danger.

Please report dangerous structures by telephone 01872 224792 (24 hours)

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