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We are usually able to offer next day inspections if booked by 5pm the day before.

Isles of Scilly inspections will be pre-booked to fit in with our regular visits to the islands.  Please contact us via email, phone or on line.

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You will need your Building Regulation reference number to request an inspection

Once you start works the building control officer will provide a site inspection log. The log outlines the stages or work we will need to be notified of to allow us to carry out inspections. The works should be ready for inspection and not covered before our visit

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You can book an inspection via the LABC app:

Download the LABC inspection app.

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You can also call 01872 224792 and press Option 1 to book an inspection.

Data Protection

The information you provide on this form will be held by Cornwall Council. It will be used by us to process your inspection request. We will only share this information with other Cornwall Council services. This would be for any other relevant Council purposes. This includes Government anti-fraud data matching.

Your information will not be used for any other purpose by Cornwall Council or third parties listed above. It will not be passed onto any other third party without your permission.

The information you provide will be retained for 15 years. This is in accordance with Cornwall Council’s Record Retention Policy. After this period it will be destroyed in a secure manner. All personal information held by Cornwall Council is held safely in a secure environment. Please familiarise yourself with Building Control privacy policy.

Completion Information

The following information may be required when you complete building works. Please check your site inspection log for a list of documents required at completion for your project.


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