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Making an application

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Apply for Building Control to keep your property safe and legal. You can also use this page to pay for an application you have already made.

Make a Building Control Application


Types of Applications

There are four types of building control application. The type you need depends on:

  • The size and complexity of works
  • Whether you have already started the works
  • Whether you are transferring project control to Cornwall Council from an Approved Inspector

Full Plans Applications

A Full Plans application is suitable for all types of building work, except Higher Risk Buildings. If you are doing work to a non-domestic building, you must submit a Full Plans application. You must provide:

  • Detailed plans
  • Full specification of the construction
  • The appropriate fee

Full Plans Application Form 

Full Plans Notes and Check List

Find out how much Building Control Costs

A surveyor checks the plans. They will identify any areas which do not meet the Regulations and discuss them with you or your agent. This can help avoid delays and increased costs.

The surveyor will approve your plans if they follow Building Regulations. We may issue a conditional approval if your application is not clear or we need more information.

General Advice:

  • You may wish to use an architect or agent to help you with your plans
  • Draw your plans to scale
  • Provide a location plan showing the boundary of your site in red
  • Include a full specification of the works
  • Find out the plan charge
  • Anyone making an application has to comply with Dutyholder and Competence Regulations, for more information: Building Safety Competence advice for principal contractors and principal designers and The Building Regulations Part 2A. Please note it is the clients responsibility to appoint a Principal Contractor and Principal Designer for the project.

Get Help or further advice

Building Notice Applications

You can use a Building Notice if you are doing simple work to a domestic building. It is simpler than Full Plans because plans and a specification are not required. You will need to provide a location plan showing the boundary of your site in red.

When you have a site visit, you will need to explain construction methods you propose to use.

Building Notice fees are usually more than a Full Plans application. This is because we have not viewed detailed plans in advance.

A Building Notice application is not allowed for:

  • work to non-domestic buildings
  • holiday accommodation
  • flats which have common areas
  • where the works to any building are above or within 3 metres of a public sewer

Building Notice Form 

Building Notice Notes and Checklist

Regularisation Applications

Sometimes building work is undertaken without the appropriate approvals in place. The Regularisation Application procedure allows us to check the works undertaken. Only Local Authority Building Control can deal with works that have already started. ‘Unauthorised Works’ are works started without a valid application. You can make an application for a regularisation certificate when:

  • The work commenced after 11 November 1985,
  • The work came within the scope of Building Regulations,
  • No valid application was made at the time the of the works.

When this happens, you may find your house hard to sell without it. You may need a builder to expose the works so that we can assess them. We may also ask for more information like:

  • Plans, sections and details
  • A structural report and calculations
  • Any other information. This could be anything that helps us assess compliance with the Building Regulations. Works must be compliant with the regulations in force at the time of the completion.

For more involved or complex situations, we may ask you to provide plans and information. This is to show how you are going to make the work comply before you do it. You may need to seek help from an architect, surveyor, or structural engineer.

You must always check whether you need planning application for your works.

Regularisation Form Regularisation Certificate Application Notes and Checklist

Do I need Planning Permission?

Reversion Applications

If you have used a ‘Registered Building Control Approver’ to start your building works, but they are unable to continue your Initial Notice reverts to the Local Authority. Examples of when this might happen include:

  • When the Registered Building Control Approver does not have insurance
  • If a Registered Building Control Approver ceases trading
  • When there are unresolved issues or breaches of the Building Regulations on site

Once you submit your application, we provide you with a bespoke fee quote.

Reversion Form 

Portal Applications

Submit a Building Control application online using the Planning Portal

The Planning Portal will charge you a fixed rate administration fee to submit your Building Control application.

When you have completed the required form, email it to Make sure you include any accompanying documents, like:

  • Plans
  • Mining reports
  • Structural calculations
  • Any other supporting information

Pay for a Building Control Application

Online payment is the quickest and easiest way to pay for a building control application. To pay for your application, you will need to provide:

  • The site or building address
  • Your Building control reference number
  • Your Planning Portal ‘proposal reference number’

Click the button below to make your application on line.

On the payment page, you must select:

  • Building Control Applications’, then
  • Building Control’, and then
  • The type of application you have made and want to pay for.

You can also pay for a formal invoice if we have sent you one. On the payment page, you must select ‘sundry debtors’. You will then need to provide the invoice number as it appears on your bill.

Pay for your Building Control application online

To pay by telephone, call 0300 1234151 

Our phonelines are often busy. Consider paying online.


You have to pay for all applications, except when providing facilities for disabled persons. We set our fees to cover our costs. Standard fees apply to most building work.

Find out how much Building Control Costs

Isles of Scilly Charges

Please note that the charges for both domestic and non-domestic Building Control applications on the Isles of Scilly are planned to be increased from Monday 10 June 2024.

Construction of a new building

Regulation 25A states the person constructing a new building must:

  • Analyse high-efficiency alternative energy systems for their project
  • Confirm to Building Control that the analysis is complete

The Building Regulations encourage alternative energy systems. Examples include:

  • Decentralised energy supply systems using renewable energy. For example, waste plants or solar energy.
  • Co-generation or joint electricity and heating generation
  • District or block heating
  • Heat pumps Approved Document L explains the current heating and cooling standards.

Approved Document L explains the current heating and cooling standards.

Complete a Regulation 25A form

Hints and tips to complete your application 

  • You must enter bespoke charges as the net amount.
  • We recommend that frequent users register with the Planning Portal. Registering means you can save your details for future applications. You can save and exit your application before submitting. You can also access your completed and draft submissions.
  • If you need help when trying to apply, use the contact us form at the bottom of this page. ·
  • Get to know our Building Control Privacy Policy.

What happens next?

We will acknowledge your application when we receive it. You will hear back from us about your application within three business days (Mon-Fri). Do not start works until you have heard from us.

Once we accept your application, you will receive details of how to contact us to book your site inspections.

Full plans applications are checked for compliance. Any queries are emailed to your agent. Once any queries are addressed we will approve the application. You will then be requested to book a site visit when you start work.

Building Notice applications are accepted and you will be requested to book a site visit when you start work.

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