School Transport


Am I eligible?

The eligibility criteria for free home to school transport is set out within

How do I apply?

If you believe that you are eligible, you can apply for transport using the link below.

Apply for Home to School Transport online

If you need help in completing the application or are unsure of your eligibility for free home to school transport, please contact the Transport Eligibility Team -

Please note that applications must be received by Sunday 8 December in order for travel arrangements to be in place for the start of the Spring Term - i.e. January 2020.  Applications received after this deadline will be considered as quickly as possible; however, we cannot guarantee that transport will be in place for the start of the Spring Term.  If transport is not in place, families will need to make their own travel arrangements in the meantime.

Changing address?

If you are currently entitled to free transport but are changing address, please be aware that this may affect your entitlement to continue to receive free transport.  Once you have a confirmed moving date, you will need to reapply via the link above in order for free transport to continue.

Need a replacement bus pass?

If you have lost your bus pass, you need to contact the Transport Coordination Service on 0300 1234 222 to purchase a replacement pass.  You do not need to complete a new application form.

Sixth Form and College Post 16 Transport

Please do not use this form if you are going into Year 12+ attending a Further Education College or Sixth Form. Instead, please follow the link Post 16 Transport and complete an application form.

Policy and guidance