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Severe Weather Procedures- information for Parents/Carers

The Student Travel team consider Severe Weather as any weather conditions that could be a risk to safety when travelling. This includes amber weather warnings, icy conditions, snow, and other similar weather conditions.

How do I know if my child's school is open?

It is up to the Headteacher of a school to determine whether your child's school will open in the event of severe weather. If it is closed, the school should notify you (often by text, email, or messages on social media). They will also need to notify the council, who will publish a central list on their website for parents/carers to refer to.

If you are unsure if your child's school is open, please contact the school directly.

What happens with my child's transport before school?

It is up to the Transport Provider to decide whether to operate routes when road conditions are considered dangerous. If they decide it is not safe to run their routes, the following will happen:

  • For bus travel- the provider must notify the school, who will then let parents know the bus is unable to run
  • For taxi travel- the provider must notify the parents/carers, and the school.

Where a provider determines it is unsafe to travel, but students wish to attend school, it is up to the parents/carers to make alternative arrangements to get their child to school.

What happens if weather deteriorates during the day?

If weather conditions deteriorate during the day, the Transport Provider must decide whether it is safe to travel. Providers should consider current road conditions, as well as the weather forecast. Journeys should only be attempted if the provider is confident they can complete the journey without placing themselves or students at risk.

If a school closes early because of weather, we ask providers to try to accommodate early collections where safe to do so. Schools are asked to contact parents/carers of SEN children to ensure a responsible adult is at home.

If providers do not consider it safe to travel, parents/carers are asked to make alternative arrangements for their child to get home.

What happens if my child's transport gets stuck in severe weather?

If stuck, providers should consider the safest option for all travelling. They should also inform parents/carers and schools as soon as possible if stuck or stranded in severe weather.

If they are unable to move the vehicle at all, students should remain in the vehicle where safe to do so. If the provider considers there to be any concerns about safety/or student welfare, they are asked to call 999 for assistance.

If they are able to move, and it is safer for the provider to return to the school rather than continue the journey home, they are encouraged to do so. Schools should ensure a member of staff remains on site for a reasonable length of time, in case a vehicle needs to return to the school.

Transport providers will contact the schools and families immediately if they become stranded and need to return to the school.


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