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Unsuitable Walking Routes

Whilst most routes are safe and suitable, not every walking route within Cornwall will be suitable for school pedestrian use.

The Transport Coordination service will provide travel assistance for children who cannot reasonably be expected to walk to their nearest suitable school because the route is not suitable.

Where concerns are raised about the safety of a route which is:

  • Between a child's home and their nearest suitable school
  • Between a child's home and the designated pick-up/ drop-off point

a Pedestrian Route Assessment will be undertaken by CORMAC.

Pedestrian Route Assessments will only be undertaken if a route is below statutory walking distance. The route will be assessed following the guidance in theĀ Pedestrian Route Assessment Policy.

If you are concerned and would like to check if you are on an unsuitable walking route before you apply, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide advice.

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