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Behaviour Whilst Travelling

The responsibility for ensuring that students behave safely and responsibly whilst travelling is the collective responsibility of students, parents, schools and other learning/training providers, transport operators and Cornwall Council.

Where there are repeated instances of unacceptable behaviour, or a single incident of extreme unacceptable behaviour, which breach the Code of Good Practices (see below), Cornwall Council reserves the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw travel assistance.   This will be determined in consultation with the student's school or learning/training provider.  However, the final decision rests with the Transport Coordination Service.

For students with Education Health and Care Plans, discretion will naturally be given where unacceptable behaviour occurs as a result of the student's individual needs. However, where it is determined such behaviours are unresolvable and/or compromise the Local Authority’s duty of care to other passenger, the driver and Passenger Assistant (where applicable), the Local Authority reserves the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw provided transport.  In such circumstances, the Local Authority may only be able to offer a mileage allowance to the parent(s)/carer(s).  Such decisions will only be determined in consultation with the child’s school, the Statutory SEN Service and the Transport Coordination Service.

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