About your household waste collections

The information on this page is for Cornwall’s current weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling collections. We are rolling out new weekly food waste and fortnightly recycling and rubbish collections across Cornwall area by area from 2023 to 2025. 

If you’ve not yet had your ‘Get Ready for your New Waste Collections’ leaflet in the post and new bins delivered to your home, you’re still on the current service. Find out about the changes

Here's an overview of how household rubbish, recycling, garden, bulky and clinical waste collection services work in Cornwall:

Waste Collections

We collect your household rubbish weekly, your recycling fortnightly, and your garden waste (if you have a subscription) fortnightly - usually from the kerbside of your property.

Collections start early, so please make sure you put your rubbish, recycling and garden waste (if you subscribe) out for us by 7am


We don’t currently provide householders with bins for rubbish. Please make sure you put your rubbish out for collection in bin bags for our crews to pick up.

You can put your bags in your own outside bin if you have one, or cover them with an old sheet to stop litter from animal and bird attacks and other spillages. Recycling bags should be securely fastened.

Find out where to buy seagull proof sacks


We collect your recycling using a box for glass and textiles, and three separate recycling bags – one for cardboard, one for paper, and one for cans and plastics. 

If you live in a flat, check with the property management organisation or caretaker for what to use. 

Find out more about what goes in each recycling container

If you need recycling containers as you are missing them or you need more, you can request recycling equipment using our online form.

Request recycling equipment

Other services

Assisted collections

We offer an assisted collection service for people who can't put their rubbish and recycling out themselves.

Find out more about assisted collections

Garden waste 

We provide a chargeable garden waste collection service to collect domestic garden waste every fortnight from your property. 

Find out more or subscribe to our garden waste collections

Clinical waste

We provide a clinical waste collection service that is separate to your household rubbish collection service.

Find out more about organising a clinical waste collection

Bulky waste

We provide a chargeable bulky waste collection service for items that are too big for normal household rubbish and recycling collections. 

Find out more about the bulky waste serviceFurther information

We have produced a helpful guide to all the services we offer.

 Your rubbish and recycling guide 

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