Clinical waste collections

Clinical waste bags and sharps bins are not collected by the normal household rubbish collection vehicle.  A separate vehicle collects them on a specific round so you have to tell us if you need a clinical waste collection service.

We have two services you can choose from. You can also see what goes in each bag and bin.

One-off clinical waste collections

If you only need a collection once or just every now and again because you don't produce much clinical waste, please request a one-off clinical waste collection.  You will need to do this each time you want us to make a collection. 

Please note we will not leave you with a replacement bag on this service.  We do not supply replacement sharps bins on either service. You need to get these from your healthcare provider or pharmacy. 

Once we receive your request, our contractor will contact you by telephone. They will confirm when your one-off clinical collection will be made. This is so you know when to put out your clinical waste.  

Request a one off clinical waste collection

Weekly clinical waste collections

Do you need a collection every week of clinical waste bags, sharps bins or both? If so, please register for our weekly clinical waste collection service.

On this service we will leave you the same amount of replacement bags that you ask us to collect when you register. However, we will not leave replacement sharps bins. You'll need to get these from your healthcare provider or pharmacy. 

Once we receive your registration, our Contractor will confirm to you in writing when your weekly clinical collections have been set up. That way you will know when to start putting out your clinical waste.

Register for weekly clinical waste collections

How to register for clinical waste collections

The quickest way to register your request is to use the appropriate online option above for the amount of clinical waste you produce. If you can’t register online you can ring us on 0300 1234 141.

Once your registration has been received, our contractor will contact you to let you know when to put your clinical waste out.

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