Assisted collections

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

This service is for domestic properties only.

We do not make assisted collections from businesses or non-domestic properties, for example:

  • B&Bs
  • Self-catering/holiday lets (including those renting out their own homes as temporary holiday accommodation)
  • Hotels
  • Shops

Properties operating as any of the above are not eligible to use the household waste collection services for waste produced by paying guests and need to make arrangements for a commercial waste collection contractor to collect their waste.

Who is eligible to apply for assisted collections?

If you find it difficult to take your waste to the boundary of your property because: 

  • you have a medical condition, or
  • you have a disability, or
  • your age makes it too hard or heavy for you to carry it

and you have no one living with you who can help you, then you can register for assisted collections.

Types of collections this applies to

If you register for assisted collections, this will apply to your:

  • Refuse/rubbish collections
  • Recycling collections
  • Garden waste collections (if you subscribe to the service)

Apply for assisted collections

The quickest way to apply is by filling out our online form below.

You’ll need to tell us where you're going to leave your waste.  This must be outside. The collection crew cannot come into your home or collect from sheds or garages.

Register for assisted collections

If you can't fill out the form online, you can phone us on 0300 1234 141.

How long assisted collections will last for

When you register, you need to tell us how long you need to have assisted collections for. You can choose one of the following options: 

  • Three months – if you have a short term illness or disability, eg, if you have a broken arm or are recovering from an operation.
  • Six months – if you have a medium term illness or disability, eg, if you need a series of operations or if you have a medical condition during your pregnancy
  • Nine months – for people with a long term illness or disability, eg, if you need a long period of medical treatment.
  • Open ended – if you have a permanent condition that is unlikely to improve

What happens after you register

  • It will take 2 working days to set up this service; you can then start putting your waste at the place you told us on your form. 
  • We may contact you at a later date to check that you still need the service and are still eligible to receive it.
  • If you ever need to change the place where you leave your waste. Or you no longer need the service, please ring us as soon as possible on 0300 1234 141 so we can let our contractor know 

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