Adopted plans

The Cornwall Local Plan

You can download the adopted Cornwall Local Plan below

The Cornwall Local Plan was formally adopted in November 2016. It provides a positive and flexible planning policy framework for Cornwall up to 2030.

The Local Plan covers the period up to 2030.  The Council must consider every five years whether the plan remains up to date (in accordance with Regulation 10a of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2017). The review, accepted by Cabinet on 22nd September 2021, concluded that the Plan remains up to date and continues to carry full weight in decision-making.

The Adoption Statement and background documents are available to download below:

Cornwall Local Plan Examination Evidence Base

You can find documents relating to this under the Examination library for the Local Plan. 

Saved Policies

Some policies from previous plans remain saved. These include policies from:

  • the Local plans of the former District and Borough Councils
  • the Minerals and Waste Plans of the former County Council

All saved policies are listed in the Cornwall Local Plan (2016) Saved Policies document. Related maps and inset maps are also available.


Other Adopted Plans

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) raises funds from new building projects. 

The Minerals Safeguarding DPD. This plan safeguards mineral resources from other types of development.

The Site Allocations DPD identifies new housing and employment sites.

Adopted Neighbourhood Plans

Made plans form part of the Development Plan. These are often referred to as 'adopted plans'. 

You can view plans on the Neighbourhood Planning activity in Cornwall page.

DPDs currently under development

We are currently developing the following documents:

Local Development Scheme

Cornwall Council have prepared a Local Development SchemeThe LDS sets a timetable for the Local Development Documents that will be produced as part of the Cornwall Local Plan.

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