Planning Policy Guidance

Cornwall Council will use the following documents as material considerations: 

Concept Plans

Concept plans are important. They provide more detail on the development of larger sites.  The aim of concept plans is to:

  • seek to create comprehensive high quality and distinctive new neighbourhoods. These will have appropriate services and facilities for local residents. 
  • aim to raise the quality of development coming forward. We do this by setting out more detail and information relating to larger sites. The Cornwall Site Allocations DPD assigns these sites for development.

The plans will set out the locations for different land uses. These uses include:

  • residential
  • employment space
  • open spaces
  • other community infrastructure

They also set out important pedestrian, cycle and vehicle routes. These enable ease of movement and more sustainable travel. 

Pool Vision

The Pool Vision is the result of a masterplannning exercise undertaken for the Pool Regeneration Area in Cornwall. It was started to create an updated vision for the area's continued regeneration. Extensive engagement was undertaken with local representatives, groups, bodies and businesses. A public consultation ran from August to October 2021. The Pool Vision has been endorsed by Carn Brea Parish Council. It was adopted by Cornwall Council on the 28 November 2022.

A number of specific sites are identified in this document, along with some guidance and key principles. The document also reviews the old A3047 main road through the area (now called the C776). It considers options for the road to become less traffic dominated and more pedestrian and cycle friendly.

Climate Emergency Development Plan Document  (CEDPD)

The CEDPD adds to the Cornwall Local plan's Strategic Policies. It is part of a positive and flexible planning policy framework for Cornwall up to 2030. Guidance on how to apply the policies is set out below:

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

SPD are documents that provide more detailed advice and guidance. They:

  • supplement policies and proposals contained in the Local Plan, and
  • relate to specific topics or issues

National planning policy allows Local Planning Authorities to do this.

Older versions were known as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG).

Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site SPD

The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site is a designated heritage asset. Development in these areas could affect the sites:

  • Outstanding Universal Value
  • international significance

This SPD has will help with planning decisions that could affect the World Heritage Site:

Housing SPD

St Austell China Clay Restoration and Tipping Strategy SPD

European Sites SPD

Planning Guidance

Other planning guidance is available, including:

Development Briefs

Development Briefs provide information for use as material considerations. This is in the determination of relevant planning applications. Those approved and under consideration by Cornwall Council are:

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