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Places looks in more detail at:

  • the individual projects within areas in Cornwall. These areas are either towns or development areas near a settlement. Each project can very be different to the next. All of them help to make our communities stronger and more resilient for the future. 
  • place-specific guidance such as concept masterplans.  These documents are material planning considerations for planning applications.

Place Shaping allows us to understand the assets a community already has. We then plan and work on any identified priorities.

Examples of existing assets are:

  • buildings
  • skills and knowledge
  • green spaces
  • community groups
  • public services

We aim to ensure the targets set within the Cornwall Local Plan are delivered. We are working hard to bridge the gap between policy and delivery.  We work with Town Councils and stakeholders so communities are ready to deal with changes that may affect them in the future.

The projects we work on fall within three main categories:

  • Cornwall Council projects
    We lead on unlocking the delivery of high-quality housing, economic and regeneration projects. These are projects that currently don’t make a enough return on investment.
  • Private sector projects
    We work with private sector developers to unblock and speed up the delivery of stalled schemes.
  • Infrastructure projects
    We work with infrastructure providers to enable sustainable housing and economic growth

Pool Vision

The Pool Vision is the result of a masterplannning exercise undertaken for the Pool Regeneration Area in Cornwall. It was started to create an updated vision for the area's continued regeneration. Extensive engagement was undertaken with local representatives, groups, bodies and businesses. A public consultation ran from August to October 2021. The Pool Vision has been endorsed by Carn Brea Parish Council. It was adopted by Cornwall Council on the 28 November 2022.

A number of specific sites are identified in this document, along with some guidance and key principles. The document also reviews the old A3047 main road through the area (now called the C776). It considers options for the road to become less traffic dominated and more pedestrian and cycle friendly.

Concept Plans

Concept plans are important. They provide more detail on the development of larger sites.  The aim of concept plans is to:

  • seek to create comprehensive high quality and distinctive new neighbourhoods. These will have appropriate services and facilities for local residents.
  • aim to raise the quality of development coming forward. We do this by setting out more detail and information relating to larger sites. The Cornwall Site Allocations DPD assigns these sites for development.

The plans will set out the locations for different land uses. These uses include:

  • residential
  • employment space
  • open spaces
  • other community infrastructure

They also set out important pedestrian, cycle and vehicle routes. These enable ease of movement and more sustainable travel.

Hayle Growth Area Concept Plan 

Hayle Town Council and Cornwall Council have prepared a concept plan that focuses on an area south of Hayle. It takes a proactive approach to how it believes development in this area should come forward. Cornwall Council adopted the plan in October 2020 as planning guidance to inform planning applications for the site.

Launceston Southern Growth Area Concept Plan

Launceston Town Council wanted a better quality of development in their town.

Working with

  • Cornwall Council
  • Landowners
  • Residents

they developed a concept plan. Cornwall Council adopted the concept plan in October 2020. The plan is now planning guidance to inform planning applications for the site.

St Lawrence Urban Extension Concept Masterplan

The site at St Lawrence is an allocated housing site for Bodmin. It is site Bd-UE3 in the Cornwall Site Allocation Plan Development Plan Document.  It is expected to deliver 780 dwellings.  Policy Bd-UE3 states that any planning permission on the site will only be granted if in accordance with the masterplan for the whole site.

The document identifies the:

  • Vision and Concept Masterplan
  • Green Infrastructure Strategy and Supporting Local Infrastructure
  • Movement and connections
  • Land Equalisation and Technical Studies
  • Cornish Townscape

The Council adopted the St Lawrence Urban Extension Concept Masterplan on 3 May 2023 as a key material planning consideration.

You can view more details on the St Lawrence consultation page.

West Carclaze Village Garden

Cornwall Council is working in partnership with a private developer and other public agencies to create an exciting new Garden Village community. The Garden Village of 1,500 new homes is in the China Clay area of mid Cornwall, north of St Austell. This development scheme is unique in many ways. The development will set high standards in design quality. As well as early provision of essential infrastructure

Langarth Garden Village

Langarth Garden Village is an ambitious Cornwall Council led project. Langarth will be a vibrant, connected, well planned community for between 8,000 and 10,000 residents.

Our involvement means high quality, well designed homes which are affordable for local people. Schools, health and play facilities built at the start of the scheme rather than at the end.

We want to create a sustainable bus service and a network of cycle paths and walkways. This will connect homes within the Garden Village as well as out into neighbouring communities and places of work.

Cornwall Council have been working on an application for a Compulsory Purchase order for Langarth.  You can find the latest information and published documents at:

Other useful information

Carluddon Technology Park and Employment Space

With the first phase now complete, the second phase will provide further employment opportunities for the local area. 

St Austell

Cornwall Council explore regeneration opportunities in and around the St Austell area.

Falmouth Town Centre

Cornwall Council has been working with the Falmouth Place Shaping Board to develop a masterplan for key priority sites in the town centre.

Hallenbeagle East Framework Summary

Adopted as a Council document to help the determination of planning applications on the Hallenbeagle site. 

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